Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday Night Live Does Not Endorse Senator Clinton

Senator Hillary Clinton makes it clear (video below) that the second Saturday Night Live Debate sketch in which the cast portrays the media as heavily biased toward Barack Obama, is not an endorsement of her. In fact they have featured two sketches in two weeks in which media bias against Clinton is the topic. Sketches in which the cable news network personalities are fawning and in some cases orgasmically gaga over Obama. This along with the fact that she appears live on the broadcast two days before a major election battle, as her candidacy hangs in the balance, one can assume, is merely coincidence.

Thanks to SNL, we now know the press is biased. Glad to see that the people we depend on to shine a satirical light on the abuses of our trust in the press, are not. BTW, Fred Armisen's Barack Obama still stinks. Will Forte's Brian Williams is dead on. Darrell Hammond's Tim Russert is pretty good. And Amy Poehler as Hillary is still poehlerizing, hehehehe, Ok, uh, I did that last week. Sorry. I could have said Brian Williams is Will's Forte.... Ok, quit while I'm behind.

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