Thursday, March 06, 2008

Revolutionay Quote of the Day is Back

“Every generation needs a new revolution."
-Thomas Jefferson.

I've decided to revive something I did for awhile when I first started this blog a couple years or so ago. The Revolutionary Quote of the Day (RQOTD). For the first RQOTD in a while I'm reusing one I've used at least once before not only because it's a great and important quote, but because most people will be surprised by who said it, unless of course they already know the quote. If you said it and asked people who it was from, most people would probably say it was some 60's radical or communist revolutionary, but it was one of our founding fathers.

I also like the quote because it reminds us that liberty and freedom aren't static. It is not something we won over 200 years ago and unless some tyrant or outside force comes along and takes it from us, we will always have it. It is something that we have to fight for, and be vigilant regarding constantly. The challenges to our freedoms are constant and they come from not only from the outside, but from the very people we should expect to protect them. Those challenges come from people with the word freedom on their lips, who wrap themselves in the flag, and shout about patriotism.

Those challenges come from people who lecture others about not putting their hand over their heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, or for not wearing flag lapel pins, but don't seem to be bothered by NSA warrantless spying on every citizen in the country. People who aren't bothered by people being picked up and rendered to other countries or Gitmo to be tortured. People who aren't bothered by political prosecutions by the US Attorneys office right here in the US. But Jefferson said it in the strongest terms. Not that we should simply be ever vigilant. But that every generation needs it's own revolution. That how important he believed it was.

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