Saturday, February 09, 2008

Clean Sweep of Saturday's Primaries & Caucuses for Obama

Barack Obama makes a clean sweep of the primaries and caucuses tonight, Saturday February 09, 2008, with wins in Washington state, Nebraska, Louisiana and the Virgin Islands.

Links to Results from CNN:


Digg Search Sucks - Updated

How many times have you found a story you want to Digg, entered it into the search to see if it is a duplicate, found no matching results? So you took the time to enter the whole story, to have it Digg through your submission, entered a title, a witty description, selected a topic, proved that you are indeed a flesh and blood human being only to have it search for duplicates and find one???

And it's not that someone happens to be submitting the story the same time you are. With this story,, I searched again using only "Sumo". I got 3 articles, none of them the matching this story. I asked it to include buried stories and got four results returned. None matching. I even searched on the link itself. No matches. Yet here is the story with the word "Sumo" in the title, Why can't you do the search for dups on the link first instead of wasting your time? Has anyone else experienced this?

It turns out that the initial search from the top nav bar only searches the front page stories. You have to go to the search page and explicitly choose to search all stories. You wouldn't assume that the top nav search would only search the front page. What real value is that? But it's good to know the search works.

Oddball - Naughty Cops Caught on Tape

Oddball segment from February 8, 2008, Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Cops caught on tape copping a feel from a young woman apparently in custody. Caught on their own station house camera. A twist on the basic dumb criminals story. Bad cops, bad cops, whatcha gonna do...?

I gotta say that I love the fact that the MSM is finally waking up to the fact that there's the internets and blogs out there and are allowing us lowly bloggers to embed content. It's funny sometimes how they do it, as if it's something new they discovered and are legitimizing it. And it's funny for example to hear Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty discussing their blogs. Or Anderson Cooper talk about live blogging during commercials, shouldn't he be preparing for the next segment? I wonder when CNN will get a clue and allow their video to be embedded.

I like it for partially selfish reasons. Because it saves me time from having to rip their content and upload it to Youtube. But it's a win win. Instead of fighting the whole blogosphere to keep their content in one tiny place on the web, they get much more exposure and many more people viewing their video. Plus a link back to their site, with their high priced advertising to make their filthy lucre and everyone, including moi, and hopefully you out there, is happy.

Thank you MSNBC. Get a clue CNN. I don't know if ABC, CBS, or Faux News are doing it. But your intrepid blogger will surf to the ends of the internets, by googling their links from the couch, to find out.

CBS is a yes, ABC and Faux allow links and email, but no embed.

-Fight the powers.

The Daily Show - Author Laton McCartney Interview

Author Laton McCartney describes some of the colorful characters from one of America's biggest political scandals, in the Teapot Dome Scandal.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Choke Classic 18-1 T-shirt from

This is the best dig at the 18-1 New England Patriots I have seen to date. It's available here.

Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Brawl

The climax or probably the longest running, serial, cable network v. broadcast network, comedy bit, in the history of television. It ends in a knock-down, drag out, brawl between Conan O'Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart. It's a scream.

-Fight the powers.

The Daily Show - Super Hump Day

Jon condenses more than six hours' worth of Super Tuesday tedium and refuses to be pigeonholed as part of a special interest vote.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daily Show Interview - Tom Brokaw

Jon Stewart interviews erstwhile NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw.

We Gots Widgets - Pimp My Blog

We just spent half the day pimping out the blog with widgets and a few new features. I started out to add a couple things this morning and tweaked out on it. So here's what we got now:
  • You can watch Comedy Central Daily Show clips in the side bar to the right. I will also add them to regular posts as well.
  • You can see the updated 2008 Presidential Primary Election Delegate counts via MSNBC's widget, also in the sidebar.
  • You can get headlines from Google's Newsreel (above). You can click on a headline to view the article.
  • There will be the occasional cheesy, meaningless, unscientific poll, like the ones you see on CNN and other news sites, and on Daily Kos. The current one is on which version of the Dem Dream ticket you'd rather see. Also in the sidebar.
  • You may have noticed also that I changed the logo. Not to go into a long rant about it, I reluctantly took El Che off. He was a bit controversial with some people. Not that this in itself is bad. Others just didn't get it. So I'm going with the chicken foot (Peace symbol) for now.
  • We have that Snap Shots dealie so that when you mouse over a link you see a preview of the site it links to. Schweet.
Comments are invited. Enjoy.
-Fight the Powers.