Saturday, March 01, 2008

George Carlin: "It's Bad For Ya"

Warning, the clip below is George Carlin. If you're sensitive to the f-bomb you may want to mouse away from the play button.
This is clip is Carlin's unique, Ok, every Carlin take on everything is unique; this one's on how he feels about voting. I may not agree with him here, but his perspective is priceless. It's raw and it's real. He peels away the bullshit until all that's left is truth. There is a great interview with George on HuffPo by Rachel Sklar. He may be our wisest living American essayist and social critic. He is so much more than just a comedian. In fact, some of our more serious social critics are better characterized as comedians. Carlin just happens to be funny as he makes us see ourselves for what we are.

I sincerely regret that when I had a couple chances to see him live in a small venue in Hermosa Beach that I didn't. George has a special on HBO called "It's Bad For Ya". It's on HBO tonight at 10 p.m., tomorrow night at midnight and then throughout March on HBO2.

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