Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What the Fudge is It?

Ok, I know it is a stupid commercial about fast food, but I am mystified by how anyone can find it appealing. In Wendy's new commercials for their Frosty two cliche nerd types inform us that it is a soquid. Not liquid, not solid. It looks like it could be made of plastic. I don't trust any food that is marketed by a brand name that isn't followed by a generic name or something natural. They never describe a Frosty as a milk shake. Their site describes it as, "Cool, creamy and refreshing. Made with real milk, nothing satisfies more than this Wendy's original." When they have to emphasize that it is made with "real milk" that just sets off my paranoidar. Not only that, but if you look at the list of ingredients, they repeat the fact twice more:
Medium Frosty(TM)
Milk, Sugar, Cream, Nonfat Dry Milk, Corn Syrup, Whey, Cocoa, Dextrose, Guar Gum, Cellulose Gum, Mono and Diglycerides, Carrageenan, Disodium Phosphate, Artificial and Natural Flavors. CONTAINS: MILK.
Milk is the first ingredient and then at the end they say, CONTAINS: MILK. Is that emphasis meant to distract us from the long list of multi-syllabic, chemical crap in the ingredient list? It's weird because I used to live off fast food many years ago. Now I can't imagine ingesting something like this. Especially since Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. That movie put me off fast food forever.


Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

There's nothing stupid about my SOQUID. I don't think you understand: It's not a solid. It's not a liquid. So we put the two words together to form a single, new, unique word: SOQUID.

I suppose you'll fail to grasp and will be opposable to my Thumbili as well. See it at: http://richardquick.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Are you retarded?

Let's analyze these ingredients from someone with a little more education than "supersize me". Ok?

Milk, Sugar, Cream, Nonfat Dry Milk, Corn Syrup, Whey, Cocoa, Dextrose, Disodium Phosphate - All natural

Cellulose Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan - Natural "binders" to keep the thing from turning into a half a cup of water and a half a cup of everything else

The only thing "artificial" about it is the artificial flavors.

The reason it lists MILK twice is because, as you may or may not know, some people are lactose intolerant.