Saturday, May 20, 2006

Revolutionary QOTD: May 20, 2006

"The monopoly capitalists - even while employing purely empirical methods - weave around art a complicated web which converts it into a willing tool. The superstructure of society ordains the type of art in which the artist has to be educated. Rebels are subdued by its machinery and only rare talents may create their own work. The rest become shameless hacks or are crushed."
~Ernesto (Che) Guevara

"The amount of poverty and suffering required for the emergence of a Rockefeller, and the amount of depravity that the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude entails, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible to make the people in general see this."
~Ernesto (Che) Guevara

Today is a QOTD two-for, because I have been remiss in my duties of providing the revolutionary inspiration that the masses have come to expect from this popular blog. When I say masses, I mean the hundreds of thousands who come here daily for that inspiration. When I say hundreds of thousands, that's not an exact figure. It's ball park. I could be slightly lower. It could only be a couple. It's an optimistic estimate.

But in not posting yesterday, I feel I have let all those people down, slightly. Because as I have said before, revolutionaries don't have days off. Not even weekends. We do occasionally have to, without warning, go underground and perhaps incommunicado. Like the Decider, when speaking of secret domestic spying programs, I can't go into detail about going underground. In fact, I can't really confirm or deny the reason that I didn't post yesterday was because of being underground. Because saying so would compromise revolutionary security. We're in a global revolution against the man here people. And we don't we don't want give aid and comfort to the man, by making him privy to revolutionary secrets.

Stand up and fight the powers.

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