Sunday, May 14, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals

We are participating in Carnival of the Liberals, a blog carnival. It's being hosted this week by the blog, Daylight Atheism. Each carnival appears at a different blog and features the work of many bloggers. This blogger shares my admiration and respect for Ernie Chambers. Check out this weeks carnival here. Here's what Daylight had to say.
Being a liberal means standing up for your principles - something of which many incumbent Democrats sorely need to be reminded. The professional panderers of the Beltway could take a lesson from Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers, a personal hero of mine. The brilliant and fearless Sen. Chambers is profiled by A Revolution of One in a post titled Barak He is Not, which explains his support for a bill that separates the Omaha school district largely along racial lines as a genius political move.
The same post is also at the Carnival of Education at HUNblog.

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