Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wash Down Your Thumbili With a Cool Soquid

As long as I'm on this sick culinary kick I may as well top it off with this. Thumbili. Yes, it's sick, but don't blame me. Not entirely. I'm only reposting it. It is the work of my nemesis, Richard Quick, Esq. It's the only thing a soquid is fit to wash down IMHO. Also, I hate it when a billionaire begs, so yes, Mr. Quick, you move back to the top of the capitalist pig hit list above Bill Gates. When the revolution comes, we will see you first, on the veranda. That's when you'll get your last good look from there, because then it will belong to the people. Though we may keep you on the estate to work the grounds if I am in a particularly forgiving mood at the time.

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