Thursday, May 18, 2006

Revolutionary QOTD: May 18, 2006

I and I build a cabin
I and I plant the corn
Didn't my people before me
Slave for this country
Now you look me with a scorn....

....Build your penitentiary, we build your schools
Brainwash education to make us the fools
Hate is your reward for our love
Telling us of your God above
~Bob Marley, Crazy Baldheads

I and I be in Santa Barbara this evening. I and I go to the club and hear the whitest Reggae band. This is not what I and I say, but what a white boy from Montana say to me after the band finish. He say to me, I think Santa Barbara, and I think I can hear real Reggae. But I say to him, the words of the prophet, I and I, Bob Marley, is da same no matter what people speak it. Go with Jah.

-Jah Rastafari and stand up and fight the powers

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Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

I recall a top reggae bar in Chicago name The Wild Hare & Singing Armadillo Frog Sanctuary that was packed every weekend and nights in between, paying fat covers to hear pseudo-rastas from nebraska sing of Ja, revolution and sonny & Cher covers.

Funny thing was, the bar had been seized by the DEA in a drug bust, and they figured to keep running it & generate revenue for the DEA, to finance more drug busts. So these brazen revolutionaries forked over the bucks for overpriced Red Stripes that would ultimately fund their own arrests.

Isn't that sort of a parable of your stoned out revolutio... what? Did someone put something in my drink...?