Monday, May 15, 2006

Get Rich Quick!

This guy's got a pretty good schtick he performs on his blog. He's self-made billionaire, Richard Quick, Esq. He spends a lot of time harrassing people on other blogs in a pretty hilarious way. Check out this post from his blog and his comment on this post. I disagree with him on Colbert of course. But he's funny. When the revolution comes, of course we will have to return all his "billions" to the people. But we may be able to cut him some slack for having a real sense of humor. Not what passes for humor with Chimpy McFlightsuit and his crowd.


Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

I imagine that you enlightened ones are sleeping extra late & calling in sick after the President's powerful speech last night. I bet you feel awfully foolish now.

aRevolutionofNone: I remember you, my old nemesis, the one I sent away weeping like a schoolgirl from the blackspot forum. You are a clever foe... a committed revolutionary who will back down from no challenge, as long as it doesn't involve getting out of bed before 11:00 am. Revolutionaries, you claimed, are not early risers.

Unfortunately for you, some of my undocumented office workers showed me your site. Now you can no longer delude your leftist moron friends with impunity... and no more trample on the rights of Millionaires without being taken to task.

See you on the veranda!

Richard Quick, Esq.
Senior Partner, Quick, Duhk & Hyde

arevolutionofone said...

"....sent away weeping like a schoolgirl from the blackspot forum."

And then you woke up, Quick. Yes, I haven't been at the Blackspot forum recently. I've been underground. As a revolutionary we are required to spend a certain number of hours per quarter underground. It's part of the certification process, but that's all I can say about it.

It's true, we revolutionaries aren't morning people, and that will be your only comfort Mr. Quick. The only time of day you will feel safe with your filthy lucre and accumulated luxuries built up on the backs of the masses.

You've heard, no doubt, the phrase, "he will come like a thief in the night." Well, that's ominous enough, but that is nothing like a revolutionary in the night. Think ninja crossed with a sherman tank. It comes quietly and you won't know what hit you.

We will indeed see you on the veranda Quick. It's just that you won't see us first, and afterward the veranda will belong to the people.

-Fight the powers.