Monday, April 17, 2006

Randomness from my journal.

One night a man danced himself to death at Harvelle's. Laurie said she held his head in her arms as he died. The paramedics came and worked on him a long time. But he was gone. His wife came in after. She said she was glad he had gone that way. Dancing between two women. She said he must have been happy. He was dancing as hard as he could, Laurie told her. He was dancing so hard between those two women and then he fell. I came in after all of it. After the dancing with the two women. After the paramedics who worked on him so long. After Laurie held his head in her arms. After the wife. After he was gone. Laurie told it all to me when I asked her how it was going. She said it had been a rough night. I said to her, if you have to go, that's not a bad way. That's not a bad way at all. Dancing to death is dancing to life.

I ran across a pack of matches from Harvelle's and it made me think of this incident.

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