Monday, April 17, 2006

Love sucks. Sorry people. I know I just posted about Revolution & Love a few days ago. But I was on the VH1 site and was reminded of some really bad news from a few weekends ago and I'm very disheartened by it. I can't help it, I'm really sad about it. Well it's no secret, you probably heard it too. Flav and Hoopz didn't really work out. And I just have to think that in a country like America, if a man like Flavor Flav, with a mansion, 20 chicks to choose from, a reality TV show on VH1, gold teeth and a clock for every outfit can't find love in this crazy world, well, what hope is there for the rest of us? I was so glad he didn't choose New York that I really hoped the thing with Hoopz would work out for him and that the Flav would find love. But alas, it didn't happen that way. The only bright spot in this whole sad scenario is that this most likely means, A WHOLE NEW SEASON OF THE FLAVOR OF LOVE!!! FLAVA! FLAVA! FLAVA! FLAVA! FLAVA! FLAVA! FLAVA!

Oh and one other thing while I'm on the subject and this is for one of the two girls who just can't seem to get along on the show (don't make me quote Rodney King up in here). I have just one word for Pumpkin. Flats. That's right, flats. When you know you're coming on a show where a crazed black woman from New York is going to be on your ass like white on rice, you can't count on moving out of the way fast enough in heels. I know big Rick is there to protect you. And that's one big Negro. (Ok, I can say that because I myself am a pretty fairly sized Negro, though not as big as big Rick.) But that crazy bitch could slip right between big Rick's legs and your white ass would be grass girlfriend. Wear flats so you can run girl. I would have been up in there in some Blackspot sneakers myself. Yeah boyeee!

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