Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hu's Bad!:
I wrote a post about Tank Man, the Tiananmen Square massacre and China's abysmal human rights record last week. I think it is important to remember those things now as President Bush meets with President Hu Jintao today. A woman protester interrupted President Hu's speech to remind us of China's squelching of religious freedom. It would be a good time to check out the PBS Frontline report online if you haven't already. If we're really the country we say we are and if we are really in Iraq to assure the human rights of the people there, how can we in good conscience deal with China without insisting that they treat their people better? Not only our government should insist on this, but also companies such as Microsoft and Boeing who also met with President Hu. And that doesn't even get into how trade with China affects our markets, it is not an equitable deal we have right now. And how it affects the job market in this country with all of our manufacturing outsourced to third-world countries. What is the difference between the human rights abuses of a country like Cuba and those of the Chinese? The Chinese may well be worse. The hypocrisy sometimes is absolutely staggering.

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