Saturday, May 06, 2006

There's No Such Thing as Half a Stick

If you're not yet sick of seeing Stephen Colbert and the White House Correspondents' dinner (I never will be, he's my hero and a revolution of one), there's a video of the whole dinner in its entirety on Google Video. I found it through this blog, There's No Such Thing as Half a Stick. Bloggers are so philosophical. The video is uninterrupted, commercial free and posted with CSPAN's permission so it is not in danger of being yanked. It includes W's entire comedy routine with his doppelganger and is actually quite funny in a lame George Bush kind of way. More self-deprecating than I would have expected. This administration uses humor quite effectively. I guess they think if we see them as just regular Joes and they crack a joke or two, while we're laughing we'll forget that we are embroiled in a disastrous war that they mislead us into. We'll forget about high gas prices, political corruption, domestic spying, and.... Oh I forgot what I was about to say...something about Bush being a funny guy.

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