Monday, May 01, 2006

Lakers Win!!!

Ok, at first even I thought Nash was fouled. But after looking at the replay several times I am not so sure. And maybe he tried to call a time out. But that was just the sixth man doing their job. Who knew that a crowd of pampered celebrities and laid back Los Angelinos could make enough noise to drown out the refs. Hunger for another championship has awakened the jaded Staple's Center crowd. Where they used to expect championships, now they know what it is to really want one. No matter how you feel about the end of the game, if you're a crushed Suns fan, or an overjoyed Laker fan, you have to admit it was a very exciting game. I have to admit I was the ye of little faith, of whom they speak, until Kobe sank the buzzer beater to tie it for overtime. I haven't enjoyed a game that much in a long time. I see the Lakers going to at least the Western Conference Final, and I see some disappointed Clippers fans in the future.

But I haven't forgotten that I am a revolutionary, so it is my duty to inform all the pampered celebrities that when the revolution comes, they will have to give up their courside seats for the people. All of them that is, except for Nicholson. It wouldn't be a Laker game without Jack courside, looking cool in a pair of shades.

I saw the Flash intro the Suns have on their web site. Sorry to say it, but the fat lady is tuning up and it's pretty much over.


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