Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yes They Can

What's amazing to me is how many hours of cable news coverage of the election you can watch and not hear as much intelligent and thoughtful analysis of what this election means as you did in just a few minutes with these kids. Their opinions of media and what their angle is are already forming. Witnessed in statements like, "the media is trying to take this race thing and turn it to something else." You see they have the impression that the media is focusing on race in a way the candidate is not.

I think it's been a long time since there's been a politician anywhere that has been this inspiring to young people. The other important thing about the video is that it isn't anything any of the campaigns could stage. It is not one of those scripted moments we see constantly. It is real people expressing real feelings because they felt inspired to, not because it's what someone asked them to say. I could say that I hate to repeat a campaign slogan, but I don't when it's real. That's what's meant when Barack says that real change comes from the bottom up. It's true whether the candidate believes it or not. Whether or not it is a slogan.

That's the part of this that the other campaigns don't get. They go on and on about experience and their years in Washington. They try to instill fear that the country might not be safe with someone who isn't the same as what we've always had. Americans have seen the results of what years of experience in the White House brings. It's what they have now and they are tired of it. They want something different. That's why people are registering to vote and contributing to the Obama campaign in unprecedented numbers. Even if the highly unlikely happens and Obama is not the
nominee and not our next president, this is a phenomenon like we have never seen before on the political landscape. And the Clinton campaign and a couple Saturday Night Live skits have practically brow beaten the press out of saying so. That doesn't matter because the people know it. Even the children know it. No matter what the press says.

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Two Dogs said...

There's only one problem with your take on this, rev-o-one, Barry Obama's entire campaign is BUILT around race and divisiveness. Since Blacks only make up twelve point something of the population and most do not vote, that presents a big problem for Obama. Yes, Communists and Socialists will back Obama, but the vast majority of the racists in the Democrat Party will not. A vote for Obama has been mainly a vote against Hillary Clinton and more of the politics of personal destruction.

Oh, and I also posted this video after Michelle Obama sent me the e-mail. It seems that the Obama campaign might not have vetted the school that much before actually posting this, but that really doesn't matter to his supporters, they wouldn't disbelieve anything that came from his mouth even if he was proven to be lying, much like all the Jeremiah Wright lies that he has told.

HERE's my take on it, if you are interested.