Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Michael Mukasey's Bull Pucky

Did Rachel Maddow say bull pucky on air? Twice? I mean I know it's got to make your blood boil to hear the Bush administration blatantly use 9/11 to justify "shredding the constitution" with rationalizations that are either the most palpable lies imaginable, or a stupefying admission of guilt in the lead up to that tragedy. But to have to listen to language like this in explaining it. Rachel, clean it up.


Roger the Bloger said...

"Bull pucky" IS cleaned up. What Rachel meant but resisted saying was, "Bull shit"; not to be confused with "Horse shit". The former being what one says when attempting to deceive others, and the latter being what one says when deceiving ones self.

Aaron said...

Spot on Roger.