Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Youtube Be Down

Youtube is down for maintenance so all my videos won't appear until they are back up. I guess that is the drawback of using Youtube videos. I have no idea how long they will be down or how often they do something like this. There was a notice on the site saying they'd be down at 9pm PST. It's only 8pm PST. Maybe they missed that whole end of Daylight Savings Time thing a couple weeks or so ago. Or maybe the maintenance is done by a bunch of nerds who blazed up a fattie of the ganjah beforehand. Dammit Chad and Steve. You make your 1.8 billion from the Google and do you care about us? The average everyday 'Tubers? Nuh uhnn. I guess if the Google paid me 1.8 billion I wouldn't care about you mofo's either.

I see what the problem be here. Their notice actually says 9pm PDT. That be Pacific Daylight Time. But it ain't Daylight Savings Time no mo. Dudes. Put down the joint and handle yo' bidness. K'?

Update: Just visited da tube and they are officially down now. As evinced by the graphic:

I guess they do be knowin' what time it be.

Update: They're back up and now I can get my tube on.

-Fight the powers.

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