Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bring Home the Troops - Send in LAPD

I'm probably not the first to say this after looking at this video. Not that the fisasco in Iraq is the fault in any way of the troops or that LAPD could do better, but they are bad ass. I just can't wait for the TV show, Greatest Rodney King Style Police Ass Whuppin's. Or When LAPD Attacks! There must be enough of this kind of footage to put together a special for sweeps week.

In fairness to the LAPD, the guy that they're on top of is probably a punk that I'd want to punch and I'm half a pacifist. And it appears one of the officers is trying to stop his partner. But it's something that shouldn't happen. I stress my fairness to LAPD in this regard because I myself don't want to end up the victim of one of these, as W would put it, thumpin's. Especially not one that ends up on video on the Youtube. Link to the video here.

-Don't "Fight the Powers" if they happen to be LAPD attempting to arrest you.

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