Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Illusion of Homeland Security

This CNN report details problems at one of our nations Supermax prisons. Prisons which house the most dangerous terrorist prisoners in the world. One of the problems is lack of personnel to monitor their communications. Maybe they should call the NSA on that one. Over 300 billion spent on the War on Terror in Iraq. Our national reputation scared by support for torture of prisoners of war. Our freedoms threatened at home by the Patriot Act and domestic spying. But a drug dealer can run a major operation out of the most "secure" prison on the planet and terrorist can make phone calls to their friends without monitoring. Not to mention lack of security at our ports and along our border. Is Homeland Security just an illusion? Is it being maintained solely by war in oil rich countries abroad and at the cost of our civil liberties at home? The video is here. And on here.

Google "the google on the Internets dot com".

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