Saturday, May 13, 2006

After checking out, some of my friends will understand the true value of my friendship. I wish I had thought of it first. If I went by images in the media, I would think my economic opportunities were limited to welfare, looting, prison, the NBA (far to late and too nerdy for that one), becoming a rapper (see previous item), and being or marrying Oprah (too many reasons to list why that can't happen). It just goes to show what you can accomplish with a little bit of imagination and entrepreneurial spirit. I may contact the person running this site and see if we can start an agency. We could diversify, rent a gay or lesbian (not me, not that there's anything wrong with it). Rent an undocumented worker...I think they already have that one and if you ask me they sell themselves out too cheap. The possibilities are endless.

-Stand up and fight the powers.

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heather_day said...

hey, i'm glad your interested in damali ayo's work! have you checked out her actual site, she has done a lot of different projects and the links for "exhibits/talks" and "performance" show more of her work.

videos, audio tracks, and event dates are also posted on her myspace page:

after the rent-a-negro website, damali wrote the book, "how to rent a negro," elaborating on the concept. it is broken up into a section for potential renters and a section for potential rentals (sounds like you would be in the latter category). you can find out more about her book on as well!


heather day,
assistant to damali ayo.