Saturday, March 15, 2008

US Military Bombs OK

And I don't mean they're capable, I mean they bombed OK. Are the Okies now part of the Axis of Evil? Is Osama hiding in an apartment in Tulsa? Fortunately for the residents of a Tulsa Oklahoma apartment complex, a bomb dropped from a military jet on their building was a dud. I'm not sure which is more frightening, that a bomb fell off, or that the pilot didn't notice what happened until he returned to his base.

I love the way he starts off, "Well, this may sound crazy...." US Air Force spokes general Bud Wyatt assures Okies that, "We don't take off out of Tulsa with live rockets or live missiles." You gotta trust a guy named Bud Wyatt, even when he's speaking for the Air Force. Ok, they dropped one on an apartment building. Mistakes happen. Why do you think they call it training, people? Kind of goes to show how collateral damage happens in Iraq and other places. And that's no joke.

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