Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Last Word On Spitzer: Make Your Walk of Shame Alone

I should say last word today, because it's obviously not the last word on this scandal. Maybe it should be, at least here, which is all I have control over. But one thing I wanted to mention in the last post, one of the first things that struck me when watching the video of Spitzer as he acknowledged the scandal, and as he resigned, is why on earth do these guys who screw up this way have to drag their poor wives on stage with them? It's merely a show. It's to say, don't be so hard on me. Hey, even my wife who has more reason to be hurt than anyone, is still beside me.

The worst part of what these guys do is what they've done to their families, especially their wives. I don't think it's such a crime, or any reason for most of them to step down politically. But it might be a real good reason for a divorce. And these knuckleheads ought to have to stand before the public on their own and not drag their wives along on their walk of shame. Let the press and the public guess how she feels about him. No matter what it looks like on stage, most of us know what this woman would really like to do to this guy, and what she is probably doing when they aren't in the public eye.

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