Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack Obama's Speech: A More Perfect Union

This is one of America's few remaining chances to live up to the creed it espouses and the principles it holds dear. If it fails to take this chance it will be extremely disappointing. Disappointing before the world and before those who still believe that America can live up to its doctrine and ideology despite past, current and almost certain future failings. Disappointing to those who have invested themselves for the first time, or have reinvested themselves in the process of democracy.

The American electorate has a clear choice here of a politics that on one hand seeks to exploit popular opinion and sentiments, motivate by fear and prejudices, and one on the other that seeks to inspire, challenge, uplift and most importantly to lead. If you could take the essence of Barack Obama, his principles, uplifting tone and inspiration and supplant it in one of the other candidates, and simultaneously supplant their essence in him, I would vote for the candidate with Obama's essence. Whether that candidate is a man, woman, black, white, Asian, Latino, gay or straight. Whether it was Hillary Clinton or bat crap crazy John McCain. That is the question for every American: Can you say that about your candidate? That you would vote for them if their essence could be inspired into anyone else?

That is America's choice and she will show her true essence in making that choice. For those who are so invested in their own particular goals, to see a woman elected, or simply to keep Republicans in power despite what their performance has been to date, or any other goal than simply what is best for the country, shame on you. And for those that are willing to use any tactic, whether lies, fear, prejudice, race, or appeals to any other loyalties, a great and especial shame on you.

This candidacy of Barack Obama's is one of America's greatest tests and in succeeding or failing will tell the world whether she is in deed a great democracy. Whether she can truly be a more perfect union.

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