Thursday, February 07, 2008

We Gots Widgets - Pimp My Blog

We just spent half the day pimping out the blog with widgets and a few new features. I started out to add a couple things this morning and tweaked out on it. So here's what we got now:
  • You can watch Comedy Central Daily Show clips in the side bar to the right. I will also add them to regular posts as well.
  • You can see the updated 2008 Presidential Primary Election Delegate counts via MSNBC's widget, also in the sidebar.
  • You can get headlines from Google's Newsreel (above). You can click on a headline to view the article.
  • There will be the occasional cheesy, meaningless, unscientific poll, like the ones you see on CNN and other news sites, and on Daily Kos. The current one is on which version of the Dem Dream ticket you'd rather see. Also in the sidebar.
  • You may have noticed also that I changed the logo. Not to go into a long rant about it, I reluctantly took El Che off. He was a bit controversial with some people. Not that this in itself is bad. Others just didn't get it. So I'm going with the chicken foot (Peace symbol) for now.
  • We have that Snap Shots dealie so that when you mouse over a link you see a preview of the site it links to. Schweet.
Comments are invited. Enjoy.
-Fight the Powers.

1 comment:

Millie said...

Schweet blog. I'll be back to watch the returns and check out the other stuff.

The word verification security thing makes me want to start drinking again. Dang, I miss being wobbly...