Saturday, February 09, 2008

Digg Search Sucks - Updated

How many times have you found a story you want to Digg, entered it into the search to see if it is a duplicate, found no matching results? So you took the time to enter the whole story, to have it Digg through your submission, entered a title, a witty description, selected a topic, proved that you are indeed a flesh and blood human being only to have it search for duplicates and find one???

And it's not that someone happens to be submitting the story the same time you are. With this story,, I searched again using only "Sumo". I got 3 articles, none of them the matching this story. I asked it to include buried stories and got four results returned. None matching. I even searched on the link itself. No matches. Yet here is the story with the word "Sumo" in the title, Why can't you do the search for dups on the link first instead of wasting your time? Has anyone else experienced this?

It turns out that the initial search from the top nav bar only searches the front page stories. You have to go to the search page and explicitly choose to search all stories. You wouldn't assume that the top nav search would only search the front page. What real value is that? But it's good to know the search works.

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