Monday, April 24, 2006

Comrade, You've Got Spamski!
I get Russian spam. At least I think it's still Russian. I used to work with a Russian woman and I had her translate one. It was years ago and if I remember correctly it was about weight loss or something. Typical spam. I used to get German spam. It was all sex stuff. I would occassionally throw it in the Bablefish translator if it seemed particularly juicy or I was curious. The German stuff doesn't come anymore, but I still get the Russian messages. I have no idea why or how I got on a list for Russian spammers. I don't know if this will display correctly in your browser, but here's one I just got:
Частная гостиница в Москве.
Не можете заказать номер в гостинице? Проблемы с размещением гостей и партнеров компании?
Предлагаем в посуточную аренду апартаменты в центре Москвы. Цена ниже номера гостиницы той же категории. Полный гостиничный сервис: охрана, уборка, смена постельного белья.
Контактный телефон: (495) 901-91-51
Wow. I guess it doesn't display, at least not in mine. Anyway, here's the Babelfish translation:
Particular hotel in Moscow. Cannot order number in the hotel? Problems with the arrangement of guests and partners of company? We propose into the by the day lease apartments in the center of Moscow. The price lower than number of hotel the same category. Complete hotel service: protection, harvesting, the change of bed linen. Contact telephone: (495) 901-91-51
There's even a phone number. It's probably the kind of thing that will set me up to be spied on by the domestic spying program, oops, I mean the Terrorist Spying Program. You folks are doing a fine job by the way. I say that randomly in my email occassionally. I don't want to end up at Gitmo naked and piled crotch to butt with some Iraqi detainee and a german shepard nipping at my nads. Sorry for that imagery.

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