Thursday, April 27, 2006

Boob in Drive Thru Worse Than Boob on TV
I saw a phenomenon yesterday on CNN - The most trusted name in news that is insanely American. I wish I had video or could find the story online. CNN has the worst search on their site. Google does a better job of finding stuff on their site than their own search. Their results are nearly 100% irrelevant. In any case, it was one of the 8 million stories recently about high gas prices. All of which include obligatory footage of people at gas pumps bitching about how the oil companies are reaming us. And they no doubt have a reason to complain. Don't get me started about oil subsidies. In this piece, however, the CNN reporter talks to a woman waiting in line in of all places, a fast food drive thru.

This woman is sitting in an SUV, apparently alone and when the reporter asks her how long she's been waiting, she looks sheepishly into the camera and says, "six minutes." Then almost guiltily, "I know, the gas...." This is the very last place you should look to for sympathy regarding gas prices. She's sitting alone in her $30k gas guzzling SUV, which is belching particulate matter and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere so she can be served something that they shouldn't allow to be advertised as food, to put in her face. Fortunately the poor, starving and suffering of the world don't have cable so they don't, have to see this on top of their suffering.

She made me talk to the TV. I'm saying, park your friggin' SUV, get your fat, lazy, American arse out and go inside and wait in line for your food. First you'll burn some of the calories you're about to consume, and second it will probably take you half the time because of all the other lazy arses. No where else in the world would you see such a picture. No where else in the world would they even understand such a picture.

This is gross

It's weird because you have people on the conservative right who talk about what they find obscene and offensive on TV. And inevitably it is something involving "inappropriate language" or a nude or semi-nude body, or something involving sex. Those things don't bother me that much. I'll admit some of them bother me some. But not as much as they bother the people I'm talking about. I find gratuitous violence on TV much more offensive. And I'd rather not hear about people's diarrhea, constipation, menstrual cycles and the rest. Also I'm not too fond of seeing digger the dermatophyte burrowing under some dude's grody toenail. But these are things you live with or you switch the channel. But this woman in the SUV, I have to say, I found obscene. Not that I would call and complain to the network, or FCC, and ask that they not show it. But this is my definition of obscenity and far more egregious than dropping the F-bomb on TV or seeing some celebrity's flaccid boob at halftime at the Superbowl.

Janet's SuperBoob, do ya really need to see it again?

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