Friday, December 16, 2005

You've Got Mail - From LA Times.

Or should we say, You've got an STD! Found this in the LA Times yesterday morning. Maybe they could hire the AOL guy to record audio for it. Not a very sensitive way of finding out that what you got from one of your past hook ups was more than a few minutes love. On the other hand, better than not knowing at all. The article states:

In an age when many search for sex on the Internet, Los Angeles County health officials on Wednesday unveiled a controversial tool to fight the spread of HIV and other diseases: a website that helps send anonymous e-mail warning people that they might be infected.

Through the website,, users can send a free, unsigned electronic postcard with a standard message or a personal note, thus avoiding an awkward conversation that many people would rather not have. The idea is to help people be more forthcoming with sexual partners so those at risk of sexually transmitted diseases get tested and practice safer sex.
As more people find out about this I could see pranking become a major problem.

I gotta say that this could be a big problem as more people become aware of it. It could become a tool for pransters and people seeking revenge. I think there should be a little more control over it, such as proof you were diagnosed with an STD. In any case, it puts aggravation with spam in your inbox in perspective. Now there could be a much more ominous note in the phrase, you've got mail....

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