Wednesday, December 14, 2005

French Cartoon on Blogging.

Ok, I dunno how I ended up on this site. I was stealing images off the web for my site, and I was looking at one of Che Guevara, the icon of revolution. So I ended up on this French site and I was trying to read it and ran across this cartoon which is actually pretty funny. My French isn't great and somebody will tell me I got part of it wrong. I didn't Babelfish it. Anyway, here's my best translation:

First French Guy: Blogs cover everything. [dunno word] of culture, sciences, fashion, art across the entire world. It's an incredible chance to open the world for yourself. [T-shirt says: I blog therefore I am.]

Second French Guy: Nice, so what's your blog about?

First French Guy: Me.

Again that's very rough translation. Maybe I'll Bablefish it, but I'd have to type it in with all the accents and crap. Too lazy. But it's funny. No?

Ciao and peace.

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