Sunday, February 10, 2008

Possible End to Writer's Strike Today

I almost posted some boring MSNBC video about writers considering and voting on the newest proposal to end the strike and that some may be back at work as soon as Monday. In fact I may post it below. Instead I searched Youtube and found something not only more interesting, but that makes their case in the most convincing way that I've seen to date (not that I needed to be convinced).

The video above was posted last fall soon after the strike began, but it demonstrates what pricks the studios are for causing the strike, and for letting it last so long when it was the only fair thing to do. Not to mention the fact that they screwed the writers on their last deal for a share of DVD sales. These are the studios that put out the anti-piracy ads telling us how people are stealing from them when they copy their movies and TV shows. But the studios are not stealing when they don't pay the people who wrote them. They're just being tough minded business negotiators. When you think about how this business has treated artists, those anti-piracy ads should make you laugh. Or if you're a writer, they might make you cry. Now, here's that boring MSNBC video.

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