Tuesday, February 06, 2007

tubeworthy POTD

My tubeworthy Pick Of The Day is kind of random. Just because I haven't posted one so far today. I was scouring the Internets searching for worthy videos, or was it that I was wasting time watching hours and hours worth of videos, and this one was one of the one's that appeared at the end of another video I was watching. You know how they put those two random videos which may or may not have anything to do with what you just watched up at the end of each video and they keep switching them. And recently I figured out you can flip back and forth through that list with the arrows. Ok, I would say I digress, but this entire exercise is digression.

Annnyyyywaaayyyy, I was researching videos of people I want to feature as artists (read that again, wasting time watching videos) and I clicked on this one because I had some ideas about using bluescreen and it was titled, Trying out GreenScreen. I looked at her profile and it said, "I am a very random girl...." So, it's not particularly impressive for anything but the fact that it is quintessentially Youtube. If that means anything at all. I think it does. And I like it. BTW, anyone featured here gets a free Premium version of our tubesurfer widget, a $9.95 value (wow!). We'd give t-shirts but we can't afford them. Now, go play with my widget! http://www.tubesurferwidget.com.

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