Thursday, November 02, 2006

Swift Boated Again, Doh!

Video Transcript:

I'm going to speak for Senator Kerry here. Because it seems his party just wants him to shut up and go away. Over the past few days we've seen what is tantamount to a second Swift boating of the Senator. Except this time some of the Swift boaters are Tony Snow, President Bush, and to his great shame, Senator John McCain. Every single one of them knew full well, as they were making their attacks on Senator Kerry, that what they were saying is at best a distortion of the facts. At worst, a flat out lie. They all knew that Senator Kerry was bashing Bush and his policies, specifically the Iraq war. They all knew that his remarks were not directed at troops serving our country. They knew, but they made the allegations anyway because they are desperate, and even when they are not desperate, they will do anything, including tell a bald faced lie to win an election.

These are the Republicans, whose leadership claims to be more moral than the secular liberal Democrats. Who claim to be so moral that they can protect the sanctity of marriage from gay couples. So moral they can protect embryos that will be discarded anyway from medical research that could save lives. So moral that they can protect children from the science of evolution in our public schools. But they will tell a bald faced lie to win an election.

They so love democracy that they will spend billions and sacrifice the lives of our young men and women and innocent Iraqi men, women and children, to guarantee it to the citizens of Iraq. But they will tell a bald faced lie to win and election here at home.

And it is amazing that John McCain an American war hero who withstood 5 years of severe physical torture as a prisoner of war, is unable to stand up to the low down sleaze ball politics of his own party. Especially when it he himself was a victim of it. In the 2000 Presidential primary elections, he was the victim of push polls that asked southern voters if they'd vote for him if they knew he had an illegitimate black child. They knew he had no such child. But that he and his wife had adopted a Bangladeshi child. McCain also recently, astoundingly, caved in and supported Bush's legislation that in essence allows the torture of prisoners of war.

It seemed for one brief shinning moment that John Kerry was going to stand up and not let himself be Swift boated again. He stood up and made a ballsy comeback in a press conference in Seattle. But the limp weenies of the Democratic Party called him off. Asked him to apologize, knowing full well he had nothing to apologize for. So afraid to fight back against the low down slime ball politics of the Republican party that they laid down again and took it.

Who is a better friend of the troops and military veterans than Senator John Kerry? He supported legislation to increase combat pay for active military and death benefits for those killed in an ill-advised war. Legislation this Republican congress and President Bush opposed. While Dick Cheney's buddies at Halliburton and other defense contractors got fat by the billions, our troops were scrounging scrap metal to armor their humvees and sending letters home to ask family to ante up for body armor. For these Republicans, "Support the Troops" is a bumper sticker that translates, "Support Our War for Oil in Iraq".

Democrats are as spinelessness as Republicans are shameless. But theirs is not the only spinelessness that allows Republicans to get away with these lies and distortions. They could not get away with this if the 10 second sound bite mainstream media was not as spineless. Or lazy. Or maybe the MSM is more like the Republicans. I don’t want to say they are complicit in spreading Republican lies, but it certainly does play in their favor. You see if they had picked up a transcript, as Chris Matthews did, or reviewed a tape to find the context of the statements Senator Kerry made, which you'd think as reporters they'd want to do, because it's their job, it becomes a non-story instead of one that plays for several news cycles. If they did anything but accept and pass on what is passed to them from Republican hacks, this story disappears immediately.

Democrats would love for this story to go away as quickly as possible and that's why they want John Kerry to apologize, tuck his tail between his legs and disappear. Republicans would like for it to play as long as possible so that they can draw attention away from their failed policies, especially Iraq. But there's another alternative. That is to turn the focus of this story on the slimy sleazy low down dirty tactics that are used by these Republican hacks. Write the candidates, your political representatives, the media, blog, vlog and post comments and turn the focus of this story from Kerry ineptitude and Democratic spinelessness to Republican sliminess and lying. And keep the focus on that until Election Day when we can throw those bastards out of office.

End of Transcript.

That was my first vlog. Don't know how I feel about listening to myself. Anyway, here's a link to the original offending 10 second sound bit that swift boated Sen. Kerry.


Timmer said...


Kerry deserves to be "Swift Boated" time and again. That you or anyone would defend him would be amazing...but given the criminal you have as a logo on your site, and that you are a fan of a moron like Keith Olberman, I should not be surprised.

But, having said that, you have the right to free speech. Lots of folks have defended it, and despite traitors like Kerry they voluntarily continue to do so. Enjoy your freedom, bud.

Blog On!

Anonymous said...

You've nailed it. Keep blogging. people need to see stuff!!

Dr. Hulbeck said...

If only the Democrats could field a candidate who could cut to the center of the issue as sharply and as candidly as you have, the country and the world might be in better shape. American politics is a machine that feeds on fear, hatred and bigotry, and excretes rhetoric. The Republicans must have terrifyingly strong stomachs.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

More Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Success rhetoric from the Masochist Party. Revolution, I applaud your ability to quote from that great statesman Homer J. Simpson, but must take issue with your statement that John Kerry is a great friend of the troops and military veterans. How many fallen war heroes has he helped to create? President Bush has helped literally thousands of war heroes get their starts, and to distinguish themselves by making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. If Kerry had his way, they'd still be in junior college and stocking shelves at Wal Mart instead of being honored in politic speeches and playing a critical role in keeping the more deserving party in power. Do you want America to win this war? Do you?

You state that Kerry supported legislation to increase death benefits for those killed in action, but also is in favor of providing body armor and steel-plated Humvees. Which is it? You can't have it both ways! You left wingers pretend to be in favor of death benefits, then try to circumvent the need for it by providing body armor. This flip-flopping on the issues is going to cost you another election, just you wait and see.