Thursday, November 09, 2006

Maher Outs Ken Mehlman on Larry King Live

From the Huffington Post: The link is here. I saw the show last night and HuffPo says that when CNN re-aired Larry King Live later that evening that Bill Maher's comments stating Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman is gay were removed from the show. I set the DVR to record the later show and didn't get the comments. There was a video on the Youtubes, but it was removed for copyright infringement.

Some of Bill's best one-liners were, when Larry King asked why someone who is gay would want to be in a party determined to limit their rights, he said, "because hating yourself is the greatest love of all." That about sums it up and I think applies equally to black, Latino and any oppressed minority Republicans. That should be my Revolutionary QOTD. It's a great line. He also said, "lots of people wanted to vote straight Republican but they couldnt find one." There also were some great comments posted on this morning:

I can't accept that, sorry. Mehlman is just too ugly to be gay. Last night he looked like his head was shrivelling and imploding from all the lies it's had to juggle. Please god, no, he's just too ugly to be gay. Period!
AnthonyinAtlanta | 11.08.06 - 10:22 pm |

The issue for me isn't that all these Republicans are Gay it's that in order to be a Republican a gay person can't be himself and has to hide so deeply that it breeds not just passive acquiesence to the demonization of Gays by the hatemongers in their party, but pandering to the Gaybashers for political reasons and/or actual overt Gaybashing of their own. Yes, many of these people are victims who have been so twisted by the homophobia in our society that their attempts to externalize their self-loathing is not truly their own fault. There are others however, who conciously and actively gaybait as a survival strategy, to stay undiscovered and to direct suspicion away from themselves. These people--the Gannons, the Mehlmans, and their ilk--are reprehensible slime and should be outted, not to expose and excoriate them for being Gay (which is their right to be) but for using their political power to hurt others in such a viciously dishonest way. The crime is that through their political power they could actually work to obliterate homophobia in the Republican Party and in American society.
Bash the Bluenoses | 11.09.06 - 6:38 am |

-Fight the powers.

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