Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bad Comics

First bad cops, now bad comics being caught on video doing and saying bad things. The pervasiveness of the video camera makes it hard for people who do something that's highly embarrassing, as Richards did, and those who abuse their power, as those officers did in the video in my last post, to spin what they did afterward. When the whole world can see it as it happened, it gives them no opportunity to explain it way to people who weren't there to see it. Orwell warned us of the threat to liberty when Big Brother could see everything we do. But he never imagined what the same power in the hands of the public could do. These days it's Little Brother who's watching. Working as a check and balance on the power of Big Brother. The video on Youtube is here.

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dilbertgeg said...

Being a Jew, I wouldn't care if he made some Jew remark. Wikipedia said he said something somewhere about "you killed Jesus". I think that would have been hilarious.

Anyone complaining, i would have told them to shut up.

Same for the nigger remark. BUT he should have played it off like it was part of his act, goin' berserk, foot in mouth. OR if the show absolutely crashed, then just say "Hey, I just went 'over the top' because YOU did, Sir." "I just did it like you, crazy and no respect. YOU STARTED IT, NYAHH-NYAHH." Something silly to diffuse the tension.

I wish one black man had told the others to be quiet and let the show go on. Everyone's hurt feelings and defensiveness, like something really happened BIGGER than trading insults in a comedy club. (There's a restaurant in Cleveland called Dick's where you go to get insulted by the waitstaff.)

Richards' comment was obviously a verbal REACTION to something unrelated to race, not an unprovoked attack, he just chose unwisely to utilize racial slurs in his response. Choose different weapon next time, warrior.

Most everyone IS friggin racist to some degree, and I'm a lame ass cracker and I know it --- and a Hebe to boot --- but not a Zionist. :)

Know what insult I hate? When the Zionists call me a SELF-hating Jew. I LIKE my-SELF. It's the dam Jew who says that who I hate.