Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brown's Gas

Ok, I thought this was moonbat theory, a water fuel for cars, but see for yourself. It is called Brown's gas, named after its inventor. Everyone knows that you can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, but not that you can recombine it into something called HOH, which is Brown's Gas. It burns not by exploding, but by imploding. Wouldn't be great if this guy put the evil oil companies out of business? There's more info here.
Professor Yul Brown has developed a machine that will convert plain tap water to a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen without causing an explosion, hitherto fore thought to be impossible to do. He has discovered another state of water besides ice, water or steam. It is Brown's Gas! One liter of water makes 1860 liters of Brown's gas, when a spark is added to the gas, it still does not explode, it implodes. Brown's Gas implodes! When it implodes it makes the most unique welder in the world. People who can weld, confirm that it is impossible to weld dissimilar metals, glass to metal, metal to brick, and just about anything to anything, but you can with Brown's Gas Welder.

-Stand up and fight the powers.

Update: At first I thought the web site I found was the same guy as the video, but the article is about Professsor Yul Brown and the guy in the video is Denny Klein. Still researching to find out what is true.

More Update: Can't find anything yet on Klein, just Brown. Google, Wikipedia and a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.

Yet Another Update: Here's an article on Klein. Except for that local Fox News video, I am finding nothing on this guy in the MSM. But will go to the ends of the Internet to find out. Exhaustive research, as long as I don't have to get dressed, is what I'm all about.

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